A little glimpse of the evolution of communication technology.

TG Communications "411"

On a recent trip to Corning NY I walked into an antique shop. While walking around I stumbled across two old telephones. Neither had a dial pad or rotary dial.  One had a large three prong plug at the end, and the other had 3 “crab-claw” types ends for connections. I wandered around a bit more and found another “antique” with a rotary dial.  I grew up using a rotary dial phone, guess I’m antique too!

Communicating by phone has come a long way.  Now we simply plug our phones into a jack, use wireless cordless phones, mobile phones and can receive phone calls over an internet connection instead of having a separate phone line. (Catch a glimpse of our Instagram picture to the right of a snapshot with the old next to the new!)

        IMG_20130525_145654[2]               IMG_20130525_150114[1]

During a recent…

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