Alum of American University: Deanna Goulazian

Deanna Goulazian

Deanna Goulazian first became interested in the field of communications while attending American University in Washington, D.C. Deanna Goulazian was in pursuit of her Bachelor’s of Arts degree when she declared a Communications major. The field inspired Deanna Goulazian to do her best work. Deanna Goulazian enjoyed the creativity and logic that goes into a successful career in Communications. In addition to her interest in Communications, Deanna Goulazian found herself studying the field of journalism. The two subjects complimented each other well and Deanna Goulazian saw how journalism could help her in her future career. A background in journalism proved to be useful when Deanna Goulazian was hired to be an editor for a company’s employee newsletter during her career.

Along with Communications and journalism, Deanna Goulazian took interest in studying business. This was a critical factor in the development of Deanna Goulazian’s understanding of the field she wished to…

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