Heuristic approach to Telecom / Tête-à-tête with Telecom


Prepare thyself for Heuristic tale of telecom!!! Through the chapters of time, legends have been told of how mankind breezed through the absorbing world of communication…sign-lingo, smoke signals, drum signals, verbal communication, written communication, so on and so forth; in all its glorious details. Mankind always had an eternal itch to communicate since forever. Hard to imagine that it was only in the early 19th century that electrical telecommunication came into picture.

We all know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. Unfortunately, Elisha Gray filed her patent application 3 hours after Bell. Interestingly, over 600 patent suits were filed during the next 11 years, but things were settled in Graham Bell’s favor. The itch is pretty evident from the entire patent spectacle. It cuts an exorbitant figure if we think of how many were devoting their lives at the same time to discover a better way to communicate; and all…

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