Switching to a Residential VoIP Service


As they say, ‘The cat has been out of the bag’. The question has been staring in our faces for quite some time now…of whether or not to switch to residential VoIP phone service! The answer to this seemingly simple question is at the mercy of so many other factors, viz., your calling habits, your location, and your budget, which all needs to be taken into account while switching to a residential VoIP service.

Persistent advancements of the technology have made VoIP services attainable to the extent, where many speculates that VoIP will soon make regular phone lines extinct in coming days. Accessibility combined with the distinct advantages of VoIP makes it a great substitute to analog telephones. If you’re still using a traditional landline in your home, here’s why you should consider VoIP for your home phone needs.

  • Cost – A residential VOIP phone system can reduce your monthly…

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