VoIP Calling Card Services: Not just a House of Cards!


Yup…it’s proved…time and again that we belong to ‘quick-fix’, ‘one-click’ fast-food generation of consumer culture. Everything just fizzes out when we have to wait for it. We want everything fast, and cheap, and like…right now! At the risk of ‘sounding philosophical’, I do agree that we seems to be running out of our limit of patience with everything, every single time; whether it’s clothing, travel, food, information…and now our communication channel. We belong to the times of bargain shops, discount stores, KFCs and SUBWAYs, and also the ‘Calling card Services for VoIP’.

Most of us believe that we are somehow in our own right to get things done on the spot, and if possible, at a fraction of the true cost. Calling card services is the buzzword in today’s VoIP world. Catering to everyone, staring from college-goers who juggle between classes, jamming sessions and parties, or the suave young employees…

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