VoIP Trilogy (Part II): Meddling with a Mid-range VoIP service!


voipTaking off from where I left my trilogy, we are moving on to mid-range VoIP services here. Perceptibly, we are talking about VoIP service that is slightly more expensive than entry-level phone services, priced at mid-range on the bar with dozens of included features. VoIP providers are conceptualizing more and more mid-range service packages to provide a complete solution and scalable product line based on a single architecture that could act as an interface to traditional telephony as well as VoIP. Simplifying this, I am talking about one-stop user interface, based upon reliable technology and infrastructure that can develop, manufacture and support cost-effective product.

Unlike the basic ones, which are targeted towards the residential segment of the market; mid-range VoIP is basically targeted to grab the market comprising of, enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), and small offices, home offices (SOHO). VoIP providers dealing in the mid-range segment have the…

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