VoIP Trilogy (Part III): Coup d’étating a Complicated VoIP service!


We have arrived to the juncture of facing a complex VoIP product. Most of us assume that VoIP is COMPLICATED…and I am definitely not going to argue that. After all, anything new is complicated at first. One of the main reasons for penning down this trilogy was to decode the myth of VoIP being overtly-complex in nature. This process of choosing the best VoIP system for you also depends on the use of the system for you. It is implicit that a complex VoIP need not be installed for residential purposes. You can have your way with a basic one only. Likewise, SMBs will try for a mid-range one, as this will be easy on their investments and also suit their needs. An advanced VoIP is your best bet if you want the highest level of control and security for your business’s telecommunications. Ideal for large corporates and even for…

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