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Technology of the FutureI have spent quite a bit of time recently reading futurist books and articles that think about the most likely future. I’ve done this to the point where my wife asked me if I am unhappy with the present! After chuckling, I told her that I am happy now. But thinking about the future is a worthwhile effort when one is engaged in a technology-based industry. Everything I have read tells me that selling to residences is going to change a lot over the next few decades. And I believe that those who understand where the trends are taking us can begin preparing for that future today.

So what will the future residential customer want from a telecom company? Everything I have read tells me that traditional telephone service and cable TV service as we know it today will not be around. Voice will have become a total commodity. You will…

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Telecommunication: Industry Overview



Industry Overview


Technically, telecommunications encompasses any communication over a distance, be it via telephone, television, radio, wireless network, computer network, telemetry, or other means-but traditionally, the term referred to telephone service. These days, though, all these technologies and others are converging-indeed, nowadays you can access the Internet, play videos, or track your children’s movements via global positioning system (GPS) technology on your cell phone-so the lines between telecommunications and other industries like computer hardware and consumer electronics are getting blurrier all the time.

In other words: If you want to work in an industry that requires you to learn fast and adapt quickly, this is it.

Telecommunications is a mammoth industry, comprising companies that make hardware, produce software, and provide services. Hardware includes a vast range of products that enable communication across the entire planet, from video broadcasting satellites to telephone handsets to fiber-optic transmission cables. Services include…

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Gutsy Move!

Random acts of thought

Gutsy Move!

Disclaimer – currently I work at T-Mobile as a consultant.

But this post is an observation based on the market conditions.

Legere – I will be honest, I was concerned when he was announced as the leader.  I have been here before!    Consolidation in the telecommunications industry has been the one constant in my career.  Heck, even prior to my career!

However, the market seems to approve.

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Choose what’s best: The Right VoIP Service for you!


VoIP Billing Woes - What’s the Big Bill!

Selecting the right VoIP service can be exasperatingly tedious job. VoIP industry has evolved considerably, and the most dramatic changes have occurred over last couple of years as more and more individuals utilize the VoIP services as a preferred communication channel. Where there is swift industry growth, it is common to see less dependable – not-so-trustworthy – services emerge. Let’s discuss some of the workable options available in detail, so that you can select a suitable service.

Computer based VoIP service

Computer based VoIP service gives you access to Internet telephony through your personal computer, where the computer itself serves as your main telephone set. All you need is a microphone and speaker installed on your computer. Just download the VoIP application provided by the VoIP service provider called softphone and install it into your PC. Proceed to sign up for a free account and start enjoying the free calls…

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