This country is located in East Africa,it borders Kenya to the East,DRC to the west, sudan in the North and Tanzania in the south,it was colonized by the british and achieved its indepence on 9th-october-1962.

Its also neighbouring Rwanda in the southwest and has got lots of etnic groups inside it but the

Main languages spoken here are Luganda,English,Runyankole,lusoga and many others.the people are so hospitable and they are peaceful.we are looking forward to celebrating 50 years of  independence and I know it will be a moment to remember.

50 years ago Sir winston Churchill came from great Britain and realised that the country he had visited was very beautiful with lots of mountains,green vegetation,nice weather and above all it was peaceful and he named uganda the pearl of Africa
and really he wasn’t wrong I love my country UGANDA for GOD AND MY COUNTRY


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